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Problems with your computer? Need help? Read this!


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I'll do my very best to help you guys out with whatever computer problems you have.


Describe your problem:

In order to get help you have to describe your problem as detailed as possible. Remember that me nor the other members are psychics, but have to based of your description try to find your problem. The more and better information you can provide, the bigger is the chance that I or anyone else will be able to assist you.

Answer the following questions:


* What is the problem?

* When does it occur?

* Do you have any idea what so ever what might cause your problem?

* Is the problem a so called Blue Screen? Upload your latest minidump to whatever image hosting website you want.(The dump files can be found at C:\Windows\Minidump)


Describe your system:

In order to make a qualified guess, I need to know what components you are using in your computer. If some components are unknown to you, say that instead of me having to ask for it. Feel free to use the following template:


* Operative System(OS):

* Processor(CPU):

* Processor cooler:

* Motherboard:

* Memory(RAM):

* Graphics card(GPU)

* Hard drive(s)

* Power supply(PSU)

* Temperatures


Please be nice and accommodating:


I wont help anyone that is being rude against me or any other member of this forum. Remember, I am using my free time in order to help you.


When your problem has been solved, please update your main post with the solution for your problem, that way other users might get help as well.


So what are you waiting for? Spam me with your problems!

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