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Never Give Up.


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Very, very good. I especially like the way he doesn't pull any punches: he doesn't pretend it's easy, he doesn't pretend he didn't fall, he doesn't make it all positive and lovely.


I know how tough it must have been to keep going (believe me, I've had to learn to walk normally again after a back injury - twice!) and it's great to see a success story like that from someone who had the sense to take pictures!!


I adopted a similar motto a few years ago when things in my (and my lady's) life were at an all-time low. Admittedly I stole it from Galaxy Quest - "Never give up, never surrender!" - but it's done me proud.


The bit where he runs brought a tear to my eye because I know how that feels. I couldn't walk for more than about 10 feet without having to stop because of the pain (about 4 years ago) and a week or two ago I ran. Ran! I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it is to hear the wind rushing past, even if it's only for a few yards. Makes me want to laugh like a little kid. :D


My road's been a lot longer (and there's still a long way to go with non-health stuff) but thanks for that, Nathan. Always good to have a reminder!

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