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"Hello, World" from an old database programmer

Victor Leigh

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That's right. Old and very rusty. No typo there. Very rusty. Not trusty at all. It had been decades since I last wrote any code. However the last I checked, one of the programs I wrote, a hotel front-office application is still running. So it looks like my bullet-proofing is still holding up.


I started with Dos and dBase. Maybe some people here would think that I should be in the Jurassic Park. From dBase, I migrated to foxBase as soon as it came out and I tested it. foxBase was more than ten times faster than dBase.


I joined this forum to get back into the swing of things. So many things have changed. Right now I am thinking of learning how to write a mobile app. Shouldn't be too difficult. I think. Never know until I really start writing the code.


btw how do you write "Hello, World" for a mobile app?

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