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Speed up Wordpress plugins


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I was looking forward to that one, Jessi, but I have to say I'm very disappointed.


Quite apart from the fact that it's incredibly hard to read (horrible, horrible writing), most of the "tips" don't have anything to do with plugins or are just plain bad ideas on a blog (yes, I know WP isn't just for blogging :thumbsup: ).


Don't install lots of plugins and deactivate them because it takes up your hosting space? What? What's that got to do with page load time? Deactivated plugins don't load!


Avoid too much of [sic] communication? On a blog? Great way to kill your re-visit stats.


Confusion between page caching and visitor information collection? Shared hosting a bad choice?


That said, several of them are reasonable concerns for overall WP speed (or any site speed, really) - they just have nothing to do with plugins.

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I have a blog powered by blogger and I have added 4 plug-ins. It has slowed down my site but could still be considerable. I am planning to have another blog but I will do it on wordpress because of this article! Thanks for sharing Jessi! :D


Does this thing work on blogger platform also? The new one?

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