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I have used linux for several years now ,and I want to try something different now . I will definitely get a Windows 7 !

If you are making a dual boot, install the Windows first, then the Linux. If you do it the other way round, Windows won't be able to or refuse to detect the Linux installation.

If you do it the other way around, you will only do it once and probably throw something within the hour.... I learnt the hard way LOL   Another alternative is to use a virtual machine, but depends

I think Windows 7 is better because it has 64-bit system, whereas Windows XP does not have. Also, the support for Windows XP ended and I think that Windows 7 is still supported nowadays. The amount of games you can play on Windows 7 is much larger than the amount of games you can play on your XP system. 

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On 12/17/2018 at 8:51 AM, NerdIndeed said:

I agree with the idea that Windows XP was the best Windows version ever. Having the ability to run it on less RAM is pretty amazing. The only thing I hate about it is BSOD (blue screen of death) It happens for no reason whatsoever, sometimes in the middle of a project and it drives me crazy before.

Our desktop that we bought in 2009 is still running on Windows XP. I have to agree that it is one of the best OS by Microsoft that it is really sad to be phasing out in favor of the higher version of Windows. We tried to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 but there were unresolved issues particularly the old programs which wouldn’t run properly. With the BSOD, yes, I had posted a thread about it with some sites that wouldn’t open and would cause the blue screen to appear. 

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