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Bollywoods in the hizzzy...


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Whats up Players and Playees,


Wonderful forum...have found some great information here over time.... finally decided to join. Im a domain investor / developer / monetizer / data base administrator / self proclaimed programmer (php/mySQL) . Been involved in the space for 10+ years...


Currenly run numerous websites that helps to keep me out of trouble :pirate: . Wouldn't have it any other way !


Call me sick, but my idea of a fun time is to download an open source script that I've been eyeing for a while and tweaking it to see if it suites my purpose.... and thats what I call a Saturday Night :good: .


My most recent project has been investing in premium .in domains for the Indian Marketplace. The Indian Government has declared 2010 - 2020 the decade of innovation... if thats the case dammit ... lets .INnovate :rofl:

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