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iTunes, Illustrator and Photoshop?


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I've used Ubuntu a few times in the past and I think it really is a great operating system. It does almost everything I need but almost isn't good enough unfortunately.


Some of the key things I need are iTunes, Illustrator and Photoshop and I need them to work as well as they would in Windows. Does anyone know if this is possible yet because that is the reason I'm still using Windows 7.


Thanks to anyone who can help.



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I'm not sure my laptop could handle two OSs, Photoshop/Illustrator/iTunes at the same time as all my other programs. I'd be better off just using Windows.


The problem with solutions like Wine is that they don't work properly for such large programs, often quite a lot just doesn't work as it should. Really I need versions of the software build for Linux. :/

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Unfortunately of you are needing adobe software then you are forced to use Windows or Mac. Most other program's there are alternatives but nothing will every be good as the original.


I must ask why do you want to change to Linux? What makes it better then your current OS?

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Windows 7 has become a pain in the backside recently because the Intel graphics driver has been causing me grief, crashing every 5 mins (although I just reinstalled it so who knows?). Also viruses are far more of an issue on Win 7 and I find myself formatting far too often using Windows. I'm also just getting a little tired of Windows having used it almost daily for so many years - it feels like time for a change and as I can't afford a Mac I can only look at Windows.


Looks like I'll have to stick with Windows for a few years until I can buy myself a Mac.


Thanks for the responses. :D

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Your best bet at the moment is to look for driver updates, and make sure the proper drivers are installed. My last two notebooks have used Intel graphics, and aside from being poor for gaming they've never been a problem.


Alternatively, you could use a Linux OS, and switch into Windows whenever you need to get something done with iTunes, Photoshop, etc. There are also alternative programs that run under Linux, like GIMP instead of Photoshop. At the moment I don't really know of any software which can sync with an iPod or browse the iTunes store, though.


A third option would be to turn your computer into a Hackintosh, but it's time consuming and usually a pain in the ass with Intel graphics older than the Intel HD line.

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