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Has anyone comes across so.cl yet? It's Microsoft's new social network that they released this weekend on the quiet. The idea behind it seems to be a little different - instead of creating yet another Social Network users login with Windows Live or Facebook and then they can choose what to search for and it's some kind of social search tool.


What does anyone think of it that's seen it? Personally, I'm not really sure I have much use for it. Just seems like another site I've registered too that I probably won't go back to. Although an article I read somewhere suggested it was for students to share projects and nobody I know is using it so I guess that makes it redundant?


If you haven't seen it here's there link: http://www.so.cl/



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I have never heard of it and I highly doubt it is going to be successful. Social networking area is getting saturated now that we have Facebook and Google+ snapping majority of the web users. Still it's a pretty interesting concept and I hope it gives some competition to Facebook and Google.

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Hmmm I don't think that this concept is really new to us. The site looks good and simple but it loads so slow to me even if I have a decent internet speed. share your searches and join a video party. This seems cool to me but I don't think that man people will be a part of this. I can;t even get to my twitter and facebook account regularly because of school and business and now here is another social networking site? I will pass on this one.

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