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So I recently changed themes/templates on one of my blogs and I just ran into something I hadn't noticed before. Now when anyone searches for something, this is the link format that it spits out:




See that &x=0&y=0 on the end? Completely unnecessary. It doesn't -hurt- anything considering it leads to the same page/result/link anyway, but when I'm linking to search results, I really don't want to have to remove that every time either.


I'm not entirely sure where to look in the code to find why it's tacking that on anyway, though. Wanna help me out?

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At a guess (and it really is a guess since I don't really know how Blogger works), it's because the search box is set up as a form rather than a widget. This is in your page's generated code:


<form action='http://www.quirkycookery.com/search/' id='searchform' method='get'>


I looked at one of my old, dead Blogger blogs and the search box is a widget, using something called uds-search.


Unfortunately, I have absolutely no clue how to fix it without spending hours learning how to use Blogger templates... but that's my guess at the source of the problem. :)

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It's using that string when calling the searched page, I don't think it can be removed.


It wouldn't hurt SEO as the search engines are looking at the original page not a searched one, forums do the same thing, it's not pretty, but not sure it needs to be changed?

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Thanks Spike. I have no issues just removing the form section and replacing with a widget. I used a widget previously, so not a huge deal. I just wasn't sure what was causing it, so that helps knowing the difference.


And Nathan, you're right, it won't really change anything for SEO. Unnecessarily long URLs are a pet peeve of mine, though, and when I'm linking things, I will remove it every single time, even if it's not important to. So for that reason alone, it'd be nice to shave some characters (and time!) off, hehe.

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