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Track new backlinks in Google Analytics

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It just goes to show that the absolute best tools you can find online are the free ones. I was hoping that Analytics would come out with a feature like this, I was pretty curious as to how people in Uganda were visiting my blog every week...


I could be a big help in tightening up your Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns though! I still maintain that Google has done way more good than evil for the internet.

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I went and had a look at mine for my main site... and there's one single hit on that social bit, so I guess I need to wait until there's more data. :)


Always useful to try to expand my Analytics knowledge, though. Useful and easy, since I don't know diddly about it! Thanks, Jessi!

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Wow that's impressive. I use Analytics on my sites and a lot of times I wish that Google provided more useful data for improving traffic to my sites. Well seems like the data is there and we need to spend some time to learn all the features provided by Analytics. Thanks a bunch!

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