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Free BaseCamp.com Clone


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So the other day while working I received a AIM message asking me if I could clone BaseCamp.com. I have never heard of BaseCamp.com so I browse over and sign up for a free 45 day trial. Turns out it’s basically a project management system. I thought to myself no point in reinventing the wheel here, lets just grab an open source version of this and we will be good to go. Heh, how wrong I was….

I spent the good part of a day downloading free/opensource project management tools, some didn’t work at all, some installed but half the features were broken, some worked completely but were far too complex. The solution I needed was a super simple project management tool like BaseCamp. I can use something more complex, but the tool isn’t just for myself, I need other people in the office that may not have the patience or tech knowledge to learn a new complex piece of software.

I’ve been wanting to learn more about PHP as it is, so I thought this will be some great practice. I’ve started developing a simple project management system modeled after BaseCamp. So far I’ve completed the database design, login system and now coding logic for the project interface. It’s coming along very quickly and I’ve already learned a ton more about PHP/MYSQL. I’ve always been a database guy with MSSQL, but only SQL never used any web code to query/insert/update data in a database so it’s great experience.

Once the project is complete I’m not sure what I will do with the code. Maybe just let others download for free or opensource?

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I know this is an old topic, so I'm sorry if I'm resurrecting something that is no longer relevant, but I just went through this myself.


I'm using both Freedcamp and Trello and both of them have been wonderful.  I'm a visual person, so the kanban organization method has been a lifesaver for me.




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