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Should I Start A Website?

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Turns out it never happened. I think I don't have the personal drive to keep it going. I'm a lot better at just lending a helping hand here and there to other websites.


Nothing wrong with that. We need forum helpers as much as we need forum owners. One cannot do without the other. If there are no forum owners, there would be no forums for anyone to help with. If there are no forum helpers, forum owners would have a hard time keeping on top of things. There's a place and a purpose for everyone in the general scheme of things.

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Do start a website. It will help you gain some expertise into a niche area and help you in the longer run. Generating traffic to your site is very important to make sure your site gains in the rankings and comes up in the google search results. Later on, if your content brings in more people, you can make money by using Adwords.

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On 5/30/2012 at 1:10 AM, Nathan said:

Well that's up to you. What type of forum would it be?


Setting up the site won't take that much time really, the challenge is to get traffic there after it's complete.


Are you knowledgeable and interested in the niche?

That's the good information you have given according the domain traffic.

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