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Google Penguin Update

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As many of you may know, Google recently had the massive Penguin update, which definitely caused problems for many. After the update, many of my sites fell in rankings, but they ranked back up quite fast. A few things I have learned from this update:


1. Google now values social media more - Dump your links in Google+ and you should have your site indexed in no time.

2. Diversity is even more important - My sites that that got hit the hardest didn't have backlinks from many different sources.


What are your thoughts on the Penguin update? What have you learned?

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One thing I learned from the Penguin update is that we should vary anchor text a lot. Gone are the days when we could rank higher just by using primary and secondary keywords as anchor text keywords. These days we should also use natural sounding words like "Click Here", "Visit", "Go To", "www.sitename.com", "sitename.com" to avoid attracting the Penguin penalty.

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Not sure what to think of it as of yet to be honest. As I changed forum software it was a hit on google in any case. Handy to know what others are finding though so cheers for that m8 :)

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