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Facebook, Twitter, Google+ And...

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Social media is very important nowadays in my opinion. If you are a webmaster you can't focus only on one source of traffic. You have to expand your reach and social media is a great way to do that. But, it takes time and persistence.

I'm using Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest and YouTube. All of these are very popular sites and it makes sense to build your network of people on them.

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Do you have any utility to track where you visitors come from? I did a bit of work on Facebook to promote my site and there were some referrals that came from Facbook.


To track from where your visitors came from use Google Analytics. Just create an account and install a simple code on your site. 

I've found this resource very helpful for my site because in this way I can see traffic sources (the number of visitors too) and how much time they stayed on the site. 

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Primarily would be facebook and twitter. I seldom use google=. I also seldom use youtube so it is really facebook and twitter that is my bread and butter.


It's so natural for people to use something that they like more. But in reality, Google plus can be a great source of social signals to your site and these social signals impact SEO. After all G+ is Google's product! YouTube is also a great source of referral traffic. The important thing is to create quality videos, optimized for popular keywords.

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I use a autoposting sites to help me to autopost my blog posts or other online writings through my various social media sites, which are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, delicious, Linked In and Tumblr. I have to place posts on Pinterest manually though :sad: . The autoposting sites which help me to do this are twitterfeed and dlvr.it. I sometimes use IFTTT (which is short for "If this than that").

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