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Your Favorite Web Development Browser Add-ons

ridwan sameer

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I don't have any plugins on my browser except the Alexa one.


Is "Inspect Element" with Chrome the same as Firebug for Firefox?


These days very similar yes. The advantage to firebug however is that there are several extentions you can get for it I believe. Have to admit however I tend to spend most of my time just using chomes developer tools myself.

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I have tried using Scribefire on Firefox. It's very handy in that I can post to both my Wordpress and Blogger accounts directly from Scribefire. Plus it has got Zemanta, which is very handy when I need to put images and links to related articles.

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I'm using Firefox for web development because of many tools like :


Firebug (Chrome developer tools are awesome too, but I have worked for ever with firebug, so I'm not switching =P)


LiveReload (Inject your css and js to your page, so you don't have to reload when you are making edits)


FontFinder (Useful to be sure what style you are using when programming)


Html Validator (Validate your html to be sure it is conform to norms)


and so many others... Firefox has so much great extensions =P

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I have firebug, but honestly, I never use it. I don't really have much use for it, I just do things myself. I guess it's just stuck in my head that is the way you do it. I think it's better to rely on yourself, and not a bunch of plugins, but, I wouldn't knock anybody for using what they do.

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There is literally one called Web Developer, both for Firefox and Chrome. I used to use it a lot back in the day, when I was a regular Firefox user. It was helpful to toggle the CSS on and off to see what's going on on a page when you're trying to style it. I had to ditch FIrefox though because of all the memory issues with it, and switched over to Chrome. The Chrome version won't work on local files, which sucks because you have to keep uploading the pages to a server in order to use it - so I don't use it as much these days.


Firebug is powerful, but it's also really cluttered with features and a but cumbersome to use.

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