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Dedicated server? Who with?


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Just thought I would find out who else has dedicated boxes on here?


I currently use 1&1 cloud hosting for my need, and I have to say for all the slating these guys get at times the server does everything I want. Its always online (unless I break it), the guys at the dedicated support will advise if needed although only really in a "point in the right direction" kinda way which is what I would expect since it is not a managed server. Bandwidth is good and not had any slowdown issues. I cant honestly see what else I could ask from a service such as this.


So whats your experiences?

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A few years ago I bought a few dedicated servers to learn more about them. Things like setting them up and so on and so forth. At that time, I got some dedis at very special prices. One was bought at only 20usd. Now I don't use any more dedis. If anyone is interested in gettng a cheap dedi for learning purposes, look into getting a Kimsufi. You can get one for less than 50usd.

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