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Hey everyone

I was just checking this host and wanted to know if it was good or not




They're mainly geared towards students, but obviously they're packages are open for everyone. Anyway you can either pay 3 Pounds per month or 24 Pounds per year.. Which is very good in my opinion for Unlimited (theoretically) Space and bandwidth.

They seem to be quite well established aswell

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Yeha but it's not that the prices are break neck low... They're quite reasonable. And they have a reason to go low, since they're aiming for students.


Indeed, however even they have to pay for decent stuff regardless of who they are aiming at. I would try and get a few people who have been using it for a while to give you their opinions before even thinkin of going for it to be honest. But then I guess thats why you posted right? :D

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I have always used Mediafire and have never seen the need to go with a pay service on that. They allow you unlimited storage, but only for files that are less than 200 megs. I don't see where a student would need more than that, but college is a weird place.

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