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Damn touch button!


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Put this in here as it could quite easily apply to any of the sections on operating systems.


So, simple question... WHY OH WHY OH WHY is everything going big and finger button? Windows 8, even ubuntu. Everything these days has to be tile this, swipe that, touch the other.


What ever happened to point and click? So is there anyone who actually likes the change to this kinda stuff?

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WEll Windows 8 and Ubuntu are just adding touch functionality... But your not forced to use it.

You can switch to the windows 7 like desktop with windows 8, So their Metro UI Isn't a really big thing


Apart from metro being your start menu lol


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All you have to do is click one of the boxes on the metro that says "desktop" And it goes straight to looking like Windows 7 again :D

Saw it in a vide of the release preview


Indeed you do, however it still has no start menu LOL Metro screen is the start menu.


What's wrong with trying something different? I used to drool over my friends who have got touch screen phones. Now I can do what they did on my laptop with Windows 8. End of touch envy.


Nothing wrong with trying something different at all. Just dont want it forced on me LOL. I dare say I'll get used to it.


I gotta admit actually, one thing I am looking forward to is playing around making a few apps for metro.

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