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Google is doing all it cna to make G+ more popular :P


I agree. I haven't signed up for Google + yet, but I have gmail. Google has switch the sign up button for GPlus with the log out button. Today, I noticed that the sign up for GPlus is a bright blue button. I think any new gmail users are automatically signed up with GPlus.

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The article looks like a good read. I will definitely check it out. So I'm not the only one who never got excited about Google+? I opened up an account and some of my more technical family members signed up too and that's about as far as it ever went. I only look at it about every 6 months. Up to now, I haven't seen a reason to pull away from FB.

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Looks like I will have to re-work my profile if I am going to use Google Authorship. Once we have activated that feature, anyone can view our profile, right?


No it just will make searches more relevant for your friends if you own a site.

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