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"new' browser I came across

S.O. Price

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Hey everyone,


Just thought I would pass along a browser I read about in a PC magazine and decided to try. It's called "Maxthon" and I just downloaded it today. They tout themselves as being faster than other browsers and my initial opinion is to agree with them.

I did not get out my stopwatch to clock them, but it does seem a smidge faster than Firefox which is what I normally use.


They also have a feature where they will render to up-to-date (toolwise) sites but they also have a retro mode where they will use a legacy engine for those sites built with older tools. To be honest, I haven't made any specific effort to test this out.


I know people use different browsers for different needs. Probably Firefox is best for development because of all the add-on tools, but Maxthon might be a nice browser when you have a need for speed.


I think their site should be reputable; my Web Reputation software gave it a green light.


So someday, when you're bored and want a new browser (in addition to the 5 you probably already have), check it out. :)

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