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Bing.com down


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Navigating to http://www.bing.com has been returning this error:


Ref A: 5e693c3f95aa4401a39c7987b8c8dd19 Ref B: 4685EBF7113D7FAA2DC77B1C091C34A1 Ref C: Wed Jun 27 02:32:25 2012 PST


Appears to be a worldwide issue.


Edit; Bing appears to be up, but returns the above error when using the search facility.


Edit2; Search facility no longer returns an error, but displaying no results.


Edit 3; Search facility only returning one result, mostly other Bing pages.

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I don't recall Google search being down. There've been times when a Google site was down for sure, though. Gmail, for example, has been down several times or had spotty service where a large number of people can't access it for a while.

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I'm not having any problems with Bing in Jamaica. It's working quite fine in fact, but I still prefer to use Google. I always find what need whenever I'm searching for stuff on the net. It seems as if Bing doesn't give same type of high quality searches as Google, but that's still just my opinion.

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I use both,  both have very similar results. 

But sometimes I can find something in Bing,  that I couldn't in Google.  Other times it goes the other way,  it just depends on the subject I'm looking for.


I prefer Bing over Google lately though.

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