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How to find popular blog of same niche for link building?

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So everyone suggests one good way to build backlinks is to find popular blogs of the same niche, and make regular comments on related articles etc. with link to your own web site.


What is the best way to find such related blogs?


How do you know if the links they allow is dofollow or nofollow?


How effective is this link building method?

Has it worked out for you?

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Google search for keywords related to your niche. Let's say you're selling accesories for the new Google Nexus 7 tablet - so you'd go to Google and search for "Nexus 7 case" "Nexus 7 earphones" "Nexus 7 apps" and stuff like that. You could also add the words "buy" and "cheap" since those are common keywords.

Another method would be to search directories in categories similar to yours.

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You can also use Google Blog Search feature. Just head to




and search the blogs for your niche. You can also find the recently updated blogs by selecting the appropriate time frame from the options available in the next screen.


Thanks for sharing, that's a nice tool. You can also add "do follow" in front of the keyword to find do follow blogs. I wouldn't worry about if a blog is do follow or no follow though, just focus on building links.

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Sites like StumbleUpon, where you are given a random array of popular websites, forums, and blogs in particular categories to sift through, can be useful in this endeavor whenever Google or the other search engines fail to meet your needs. I personally use it, and when I 'stumbleupon' a blog or forum in my niches, I tend to relate my posts to the content and be rather thoughtful about it. This way, even if the webmaster cleans out the comments every so often to rid of freeloaders, they often do not mind my contribution with a backlink to my respective site.

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Actually I have found searching for Blogs with Google is the best way. I know this sounds bad, but I usually just Google the information and end up posting comments on the blogs that it pulls up for me. Without this, I would use the other search engines, but using Google lets me know which sites Google feels are good ones.

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In order to check if the links in the comment section are no follow right click on the page and click on view page source. If you are using chrome the shortcut is Ctrl+U now scroll down to the comments section and look for the "nofollow" tags in the links. 

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StumbleUpon is a very good source if your niche happens to match some of their content. The key benefit of StumbleUpon is that their sites are listed based on user feedback and ratings so the content tends to be especially relevant and of high quality. You rarely find junk in a StumbleUpon search result. I would imagine backlinking to anything that's ranking in their search engine would be beneficial. It would also be a very good resource to submit your own site to get it listed and ranked.

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The best places to find similar blogs to comment on is on blog directories. Tehcnorati has already been mentioned so I'll suggest a few more:


Networked Blogs.



Blog Catalog


Blog Fusion


Most of the above-mentioned directories lists blogs by category so it will be pretty is to find the right one and choose which blogs you'll try to get backlinks from.

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