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What kind of ads is that?

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So I come across a type of banner ads on varies web sites, that they actually show me the vendors I had visited before. And some other times they show me some products I was searching earlier. However, I reached these sites that host these ads without typing in any related keywords to what's in their banners, and these sites are not even related to the niche those vendors are about. It looks like those banner ads somehow was tracking my activities in the past rather than how I got there, nor they are related to the publisher's content.


What kind of ads are they? I don't think they are adsense because they don't show the typical web address when I move my mouse over to see what's up.

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Where is it happening? On which sites?

Ok, this link for example,


When I read this news by click on links on other news page, somehow the banner at the right show some web cameras from newegg...including the exactly model I've been using...and just last week I checked newegg for that exactly model to see if the price is any different than when I ordered it years ago.



I know google ads do that.

Isn't Google ads based on the content on the web page?

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I show the ads being served by Yahoo Advertising. But they and AdSense both serve ads based on what you have been searching. If you have been searching or it can't find an ad to match then the ad shown on the page is relevant to your website


For example the other day I was searching for remote control helicopters now for a few days whenever I come across a site with adsense I see ads relevant to remote control helicopters.

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But I thought the Adsense ads would show link address of advertising.google or doubleclick. something like that. Those ads often don't show anything similar in their web address.


Is there any other ads can also track your search history beside Yahoo and google?

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I saw something similar with register.com the other day. After going halfway through the registration for a domain name, I realised that namecheap would be a better option. I began to see register.com ads with the domain name I wanted to register.


It said something along the lines of 'you can still register ----.com for $10.99!'

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