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Transferring domains

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How does this work? I have a now-defunct web store and what would I do to transfer the domain name from that to a new website if I wanted to? I have never transferred one, but started off fresh each time. Are there companies that do this? I think i have seen ads for this before.

Your title is misleading, as I thought you were transferring ownership of the domain. So you have one website, and you want to use the domain for another website? You don't need a company for it all you do is change the DNS

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I actually didnt understand you. It is misleading.


Are you trying to transfer a domain name from one web host to another? If then, just contact the web host to where you are transfering. They shall do it for you.


If you want to use the domain name for another website, just use a 301 redirect in .htacces

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