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Upgrading IP.Nexus 1.5.1


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Just a quick note while upgrading to IP.Nexus 1.5.1 for IP.Board make sure you change your FTP settings to upload in binary mode.


If you don't when you try to run the upgrade utility it will fail with a strange error. I wasted quite a bit of time this morning to figure this out, hopefully I'll save some of you the trouble :)


If you are using Filezilla you can change this setting by going:


Edit > Settings > File Types


Under File Types the first setting "Default transfer type:" change that from Auto to Binary and you are ready to upload.


Make sure once you are finished uploading you go back in and change this back to Auto. I forgot to do this and when uploading normal web files after this they were all messed up.


filezilla default transfer type.png

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