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What's your internet speed?

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Mine is  25.43 Mbps download and 2.09 Mbps upload.I 'm too lazy to post a snap shot, so you'll just have to believe me. The thing is I pay for 30 Mbps. In comparison to the other upload speeds on here, I have a feeling mine is low. I've paid for Mbps speeds both upload and download. I'm always fighting with my service provider about these speeds. Today is a good for my service provider as far as I am concern.Let me stop complaining. These are good speeds for my country. I know I shouldn't accept bad service, but sometimes it's exhausting.

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I really don't know how to check my internet speed but I can say that it was on the very slowest category since I am from a country which has a very slow internet connection which is really disappointing since it makes my earnings online becomes limited as I cannot join other earning sites that requires to have a fast and reliable internet speed. I wish that in my country in the Philippines that internet speed should be improved so that we can have a better earning opportunities online.

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