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I haven't seen a topic about this so far, so I decided to start one.




.tk is a TLD (Top Level Domain) service which is free to use. It works just like .com, except it's free.


So basically, you can create a site and give it a .tk domain for free, instead of a crappy subdomain (because seriously, .webs.com and .weebly.com are, like, the most unprofessional things ever).


I'm not saying it will replace .com, but it's a great alternative to having a subdomain of the host you're using if you're too much of a tight**** to pay $10 for a .com. An added bonus is that if you change hosts, you can point the domain to the new host's IP address and your users won't even notice.


Wow, that sounded so much like an advertisement. Anyway, here's the link: http://dot.tk


Note to mods: Please do not hesitate to close this topic if it breaks the rules or something... I'm pretty sure it doesn't though :whistle:

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Google is not so friendly or forgiving to them, it does not even take .tk domain into the PR scope if one SEO's for it. My friend has tried it out and that didn't give him much of a good result in the search engine.

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