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Color Blender - Find new theme colors


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Nice! Thanks for the share, definitely something useful to see how well things will look. This is one of my main problems, as I sometimes find odd colors to look nice together, then the client, who said to use any color I wanted, says that it doesn't look as well to them, even if other people found it nice, so I go back to recoloring until they are happy; this has made me demand at times to always get color ideas that the client wants in order to not go through this and be able to avoid any unpleasant encounters.


But with this find, I might be able to go back to the random mixing of colors freely...don't think I can say worry-free since sometimes what the client wants is what really makes no sense at all in terms of color matching, lol, but I guess we have to do whatever they want to make them happy so that they can make us happy ($$$ :P). I also like how they offer to show already used color blends, helps also with the choosing of colors in case you have no idea of where to start.

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