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Linux for Windows Users: Step #1

Victor Leigh

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Linux for Windows Users



Step #1 Why use Linux?


When your Windows has died and you don't have a way to re-install it;

When there is a crackdown on pirated copies of Windows and you can't afford to buy a licensed copy;

When your computer is old and your Windows is running slow;


Then you may consider using Linux instead of Windows.


Linux has a few advantages over Windows, including but not limited to the following:


1. You can install Linux from a pendrive very easily.

2. You don't have to pay a single cent to get a working, totally legal copy of Linux.

3. You don't need to upgrade your computer or buy a new one to use Linux.


Would you consider using Linux?

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I am considering using it on my old desktop. I want my son to use it and the windows is old and outdated. I am considering Puppy Linux. I have no idea how to do it, so I will just download and install and hope it goes well. Tutorials would be nice.

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On 7/7/2012 at 4:15 AM, Victor Leigh said:

Would you consider using Linux?


I've mostly used Linux at work, and I do like some of the modern distributions. For personal use, I usually wind up using Windows though because there are certain games and software that I use that require Windows. I wouldn't mind Linux for one of my secondary computers, but my primary computer will probably always be Windows due to the software I use.

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I'd like to use Linux just to practice some coding and familiarize myself with the commands of the terminal. I'm thinking of setting up some virtual machines so I can try this, but since I want to keep some integration with the files of my current computer it could be a bother having to access those files from a virtual machine on my Windows 10 pc.

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