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Steve Wozniak gives views on Microsoft and Surface


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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak definitely speaks his own mind and is not afraid to praise companies and products that are competing against Apple. Earlier this year he offered his thumbs-up for Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 900. Now he is giving some praise for Microsoft in general.

In a new YouTube video, Wozniak is seen speaking at a recent Q&A event after a press conference for Chile's Entel Summit. Asked about his views on Microsoft, Wozniak states, "I'm glad that Microsoft is starting to show maybe they're a different company than before, I don't remember this sort of thing happening in a long, long time with Microsoft, so I'm very happy."



He also repeats his praise of Windows Phone and also points to the success of the Xbox game console business as proof that Microsoft could generate a successful consumer product. Not surprisingly, he also states in the video that he wants to own the Surface tablet that Microsoft first revealed in June. However, he will hold off on his final verdict for the tablet until he tries it out for himself.

Wozniak's viewpoints on Microsoft seem to echo many other tech industry analysts that Microsoft seems to be gaining more attention as it battles rivals like Apple and Google.


Source: Neowin

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Maybe I am just being suspicious but I just can't help feeling that there has to be something else behind this. For a man like Steve to praise a competing product is quite out of place. Or, is he saying all this because he believes Microsoft doesn't have a ghost of a chance to compete with Apple by launching the Windows Phone?

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