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How To IYPC Without BB: Tip #3

Victor Leigh

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How To Increase Your Post Count Without Being Banned

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Tip #3: Don't be agreeable


Of course, everybody likes a nice guy. Who doesn't like someone who agrees with everything you say? However, is that good for a forum? Specifically, will being agreeable increase your post count?


Consider this scenario. A few guys sit around a table sipping coffee. After a while, one guy says,


"The weather has been very good these last few days."


The other guys reply,



"That's right."

"Very true."

"I agree."


Then the guys continue sipping their coffee. In silence.


See what I mean? Being agreeable doesn't take the conversation anywhere. In fact, it takes the steam out of any conversation. And the conversation stops. When the conversation stops, the post count stops.


So what should you do? What else?! Be disagreeable! Let's go back to those guys sipping coffee at the table. After the conversation opener by the first guy, the other guys reply,


"No, not really. It has been rather wet."

"How can you say it's wet? I haven't seen a drop of rain for a whole week."

"No rain? Then you must have been inside your house for the whole week."


Isn't that so much more interesting? Doesn't that make for more lively conversation than just being agreeable? Now, don't start agreeing with me.



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