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Anyone try out Sharexy yet?

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I'm just trying this out myself.


But Sharexy is a way to monetize the social media buttons. They take all your buttons and replace them with their version of the same. For example, your twitter button will be replaced with their version of your twitter button.


And whenever a person hovers, likes, visits, etc your button, you get paid.



If anyone has tried it before, please add your input. If not, I'll be back with more details on how it works as I continue to use it.

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Sounds pretty cool I might have to try this out. I'd like to know how it goes dexter. You even get paid if the person just hovers over the button? That sounds awesome. The site looks pretty legit. Reply back here if it works out pretty well!

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This service seems to be really interesting, and if legit extremely good for a few extra bucks. Thanks for the share Dexter.


I will try to dig a little bit more into it as well and see if I can find any proof of payment or any reviews saying if it's legit or a scam. I usually try to find all these out before going really deep into these sites.


So far I haven't been able to find anything, but I will keep on trying. Looking forward to your decision on the site as well :).

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