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When was the Google rank last updated? When is the next update?

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Since the launch of my site, Google page rank had only been updated once and that was a few months ago. I totally forgot when exactly it happened. Does anyone remember?


When will the next update come?

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As far as I am aware, Google Pagerank was last updated in May 2012. It gets updated every 3-4 months so you should see another update in the next few days. For new sites, it may take some time before Google assigns a rank to them.

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Unless you're selling links PR really doesn't mean anything anymore. Google makes 500 changes per year but none of them affect PR very much so that should tell you how little importance it has. Early on people wanted to see a number associated with pages to tell them how popular it was but Google moved on from that a LONG time ago, they just haven't retired the popular PR function just yet.

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