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Winscape Kinect Demo


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Wow! This is amazing. The realism and depth you get from this is simply fantastic.


I honestly think it's a great idea, and definitely love the idea of it being used this way for marketing. Things like this is what capture people's attention instantly, and will definitely make people remember your ad, or simply whatever you show them with it.


I also think this could be used to improve productivity in an office where the employees might feel closed in, usually that feeling will lower productivity. With this you can give them a "window" to quit the monotony, and get them to feel a bit at ease in their workplace. I definitely see many uses for this little piece that can be extremely helpful, or just simply fun to have around.

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That is absolutely astounding! Goodbye real outside world, I'm replacing my windows with that. As a naive child I thought we'd all be in hovercrafts by 2012. But that's a real sign of the times. 20 or 25 years ago this is technology we would have imagined we would have in regular use by now. Now imagine a future where there would be one of these in each home, the Kinect or other peripheral being as small as a dime on the wall. I'm a fan of the train view personally, but a Jurassic Park themed one would be even more hilarious. A T-Rex peeking through my faux windows would brighten my day.

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That looks wicked!!!!!! And I want one LOL


The possibilities of this kinda stuff is excellent. Imagine what you could do with a few of these hooked up. Could potentially control your whole livingroom using hand gestures, use it as a security device etc etc

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