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New VB Modification


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Thought I would post this up here for anyone who is running vbulletin and is interested.


Been looking around to try and find a membermap for my site for a while now, without any success unless I convert from german. So I figured my coding is a lot better than my german and wrote my own.


Can download on vbulletin.org http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=285479











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I generally code under the name "Damn Computer" as I actually started a forum with that name at one point, however never really had the time to put into it. I have a couple of modifications on xenforo under the same name. Usually gets abbreviated to DamnComp, so this one is simply DamnComp MemberMap

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Ah so which is better?


The 2 are incomparible as they do fundimentally different things. The reason I actually wrote the membermap in the first place was because that one didnt suit my needs (or indeed that or many other).



What Digital points does:


Geocodes each user that is online using a php geocoding database and plots those online users on the map. So you can see approximatly where the users who are online now, unless they are using a proxy, a vpn etc.


What mine does:


Each member can, if they wish, plot their location on the map. Therefore you can see every user who has plotted there location and this is accurate (as they plotted it) and also is not something which changes. Purpose of this being for example, if I wanted to plan a meet in the NW of the UK I can go to the map and get an idea of where the most members are. With the one above this is not possible. I can also go to see where about x member is. On the one above this is only possible if that member happens to be online and it has geocoded to the correct place.





Shortest analogy I can give is one is an approximate location of the whos online list, and the other is a pinpoint location of the memberlist

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