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Received a job offer!


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First, let me explain my life situation;


I work in the North West UK, and lived with my girlfriend. She got a job in the midlands (100 miles away) and moved down there, but comes back of a weekend. I'm currently employed as an IT Technician in a aged 11-18 school, and I've been looking for work in my girlfriend's area, but been unsuccessful on many occasions, and had given up looking for work.


Yesterday I got a telephone call out of the blue, from an unknown number. To be honest I was lucky to be at my desk to hear my phone go off on silent, plus the number was withheld, so I thought it was a cold call about PPI or something stupid. Turns out I've been offered a job for a position I had an interview for 4 months ago, and was originally turned down. The successful candidate has actually left the post to move internally within the organisation, so they've asked me as I was second in the interview stage. I've accepted the job, and officially handed in my resignation for my current job, ending August 17. My new job starts on August 20. I'm excited, but also shell-shocked!


However this means my time on the Internet, and subsequently this forum will be drastically reduced from next month, so I will be stepping down from my moderator position.


I just wanted to share that news. :)

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