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It is important for blogs, so you can keep your audience happy and hungry for more. If you have a how to website, it is not that important of course. Anyway, that video is what you were looking for I think. Most of these factors are not that hard to figure out once you experiment a little.

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Spewing out fresh content on a regular basis is crucial for the SERPs, but another crucial aspect is the quality of the content you provide. If you find yourself fleshing out subpar articles or posts that are less than ideal in favor of rapid posting, your users will probably not share it to social media or become returning visitors, and in the end, you will get less traffic anyway. Taking as much time as you need with your posts is still a good idea nowadays to ensure that your content remains on top. Remember, there are probably thousands upon thousands of sites attempting to do exactly what you are doing, everything that makes you unique you owe to your content.

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