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Mountain Lion


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Hey everyone,

I was surprised to not see a Mountain Lion thread here yet, so I figured I would start it.


Who has already upgraded their Mac?

How do you like the new features like Notification Center, updates via the MAS, and easy encryption of external drives?


Myself, I haven't been able to upgrade yet. The MAS continually throws and error when I click to buy and install. I am going to have to move 100GB+ of stuff out of my Mac and reinstall... Grrr.

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I haven't upgraded yet. It's a work mac so I'm still juggling whether it's worth me upgrading or bugging the boss to upgrade for me. I'm sure if i push long and hard enough he'll give in.

I haven't heard anything bad about the upgrade however. I have work friends who all have macs and have all upgraded without fail, from what I've gathered they haven't even experienced any problems with software installed previously.

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I upgraded my Mac Mini 2011 model to Mountain Lion on the day it came out.

I have to say I love the addition of iMessage as I use this service a lot on iPad.

Now I can also use it on my Mac as well. To me, it was worth the £13 I spent.

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I upgraded my MBA to Mountain Lion, the very same day the final build was released to the Mac App Store. I can't say it was the smoothest upgrade with the large influx of people downloading the same item but it's worth it. I'm content with the new additions and even though I now use Tweetbot, the new tweet feature in 10.8 was still useful to me since at the time Tweetbot wasn't released in its final form and I refused to use any other twitter clients after getting a feel of Tweetbot's beta release.


I personally like to keep my OS updated. If it's my Mac dedicated for development and design, it'll only get upgraded once a final build is released otherwise I usually install dev builds. The rMBP came pre-installed with Mountain Lion, too, so there's no problem there. My only gripe with this new OS X release from Apple is that they made it impossible to change the dock theme since new dock is rendered by the graphics card's GPU and in order to apply a custom dock, one would have to develop an application which disables dock rendering by the graphics card.


I learned to live with the default dock theme and just stay happy since changing the icons of applications is still possible. If they take away the possibility to achieve that, then that may be the time for me to reconsider upgrading OS X. With every major release, Apple seems to further restrict us end users from customising the OS X environment without literally messing with the core files. I'm just thankful that changing the menubar, system fonts, and dock icons are all still possible.

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