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Wiki Backlinks?

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Hey guys,


Have you started creating wiki backlinks for your sites? They have become a lot popular in the last few months and people are reporting good results by creating wiki backlinks to their sites. What is your opinion on these links?



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Wiki links are indeed popular, but there are few things that you need to look out for:


1) Wiki backlinks by default are nofollow, and only MediaWiki backlinks are by default, dofollow

2) Even Viagra and Adult websites are targeting wiki backlinks. Wont do much good for you to have a backlink on a wiki site which links to an adult website too, right?

3) Most of them are indeed PR 0

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Personally I avoid links from sites when they can be inserted by anyone. If you can go from your site to Viagra in three clicks you're in the wrong neighborhood. It's possible to get great results but when these sites get abused those results will evaporate and the potential for long term trust damage is great, use at your own risk.

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You can try to inject a link to your website onto a wiki page, there are plenty that could potentially pertain to something some content on your site offers, but remember, vandalism is a reality in that world and on wikis, you may attract the wrong kind of attention. Furthermore, anyone can remove the link back to your site for any reason, it usually only takes a user to register in order to modify any piece of information on there. You may also be grouped with a few less-than-reputable sites, so while it can be useful in moderation, you need to be cautious about where you leave your links.

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