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x10premium - My Review


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Note: This is about x10PremiumNot the free hosting service they provide x10Hosting. The two are the same company but offer 2 different things (Free and paid hosting).


Been with these guys for far to long now. I have  hosted 12 different websites with them (only 2 being VPS) and never had a problem with any of them.


I will remember when signing up for my first website that they used a phone call as authentication (Normal they call you and says a PIN for you to enter onto the screen). I missed the phone call and was stuck doing nothing. Contacting the support it took just 3 minutes for me to get a reply. 


My 2nd support ticket asking them to help me with transferring a domain name from 123-reg was answered by non-other then the CEO of the company. He actually took me step by step through the whole process. 


Apart from that there hasn't been any problems. The uptime was at the 99% mark if not closer. I never had angry emails about it being down.


I'd recommend them to everyone and they are always my first choice.

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Good to know.  What time of the day were you opening tickets, wonder if they provide 24 hour from the CEO?


It was (if I remember correctly) late at night here in the UK. I know if it was early here in e UK it would always be answered by someone called Syed.

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They do seem to be a lot of very technically able staff behind the servers. It is (as always) just the same old WHM client but I've never had a problem that they couldn't solve or a problem that baffled them.

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