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Learning Java


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I am finding java a bit hard to swallow at the moment, Is there any books or tutorials you would recommend? Preferably aimed at someone with no prior knowledge of oop.  

Could someone also give me a run down on what makes oop more efficient than functional programming. 



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Glad to see someone taking a beginning into coding, I tried learning various coding languages in the past (including java) But i always give up before i begin, Here's hoping your not like me
There are alot of ways to begin, but let me ask you first.. What is your aim? Game creation? App Development? Web App development?
Once you answer i can direct you to some good resources

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My current goal is just to learn the basics, application programming would likely be my future path. I'm not too interested in gui programming at the moment, just looking for a good tutorial with a basic explaination of oop, The tutorial on the oracle website (Bike example) has left me a bit puzzled. I may end up trying c++ if java doesn't work out. Thank you for your repy. 

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