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ridwan sameer

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I'm a recent convert to Linux, coming from WinXP. I really love it. I had tried Ubuntu in the past but just wasn't driven to take the plunge. Since XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, I felt the need to be on a more stable platform so I decided that now was the time to switch. It hasn't be painful at all. In fact, it's been a treat and I'm not disappointed at all. I just did a bit of a temporary install, but I've using it for the past seven months now, LOL. I've only popped into XP a handul of times since the switch. I'm sold. My next plan is to use a 350GB hard drive as my Linux drive. Right now, I'm just using a 40GB partition on the XP drive. So, I'll be doing a proper install soon with a setup that will allow me to experiment with different versions without disturbing my data files. I'll keep XP for any software compatibility issues and software dev/testing, though.

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