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Some uses for cheap domains

Victor Leigh

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Recently I saw some very good offers for domain registration with prices ranging from 00.50usd to 00.99usd for a dot com. However, I am not totally confident about the companies offering the domains. At the same time, I am very tempted to buy those domains at such dirt cheap prices.


Does anyone have any ideas about what is the best use for such cheap domains?

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The one from Register.com is over. That was just 00.50usd per domain. goDaddy sells a dot com for 00.99usd per dot com which is actually 1.17usd after adding the ICANN fee. The coupon code is [iap99d]. Not sure if that code is still alive.


There are always such offers coming up now and then. I am wondering if there is some way to use such cheap domains. Sort of like use them for throwaway sites. You know, the kind which you build and use only for one year.

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Longtail keywords? Yes, I have been toying with that idea for some time. Those longtail keyword domain can definitely be thrown away after they have served their purpose. So what's the best way to make use of a longtail keyword domain? Put them on free hosting sites?

Longtail keyword domains? Do you mean something like EroticaIsNotPornography? If that's what you are talking about, then it's something I have been thinking about for a while now. Longtail keyword domains can definitely be thrown away once they have served their purpose. The question is where to put such longtail keyword domains. Free hosting sites?

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