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KMRock is here!



Who Am I:

Due to the nature of the online world now days, I shall not disclose my name. But over the internet I am known as KMRock. I am male and live in Australia. I'm as friendly as they come so make sure you say hi. I'm passionate about sport, in AFL (Australian Football League) I follow Brisbane Lions, in A-League soccer I follow Melbourne Victory and in EPL I follow Everton...huge sports fan. I also love music, used to play guitar for over 8 years, but also love electronic and club music.


Previous Experience:

I have been involved in online management and promotion for over 10 years, and have been employed in many online staff roles, including a massive online promotion firm. As well as my previous online staff roles, I have owned a number of successful websites and business ventures. I have successfully owned, run and managed over 10 forum communities, with a number being considered very successful. I have also run blogs and websites of different genres.


Current Projects:

I currently have a 90+ page eBook I have created, fully original, with a website to follow, but I have other interesting projects in the works.


What To Get To Know Me:

For those who want to get to know me more, ask me any questions here, PM me, follow me on twitter @justkmrock. More than happy to get to know anyone :).




That's all for now, thanks for reading, say hi!




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