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Do you think paying the extra money for a Xen vps is worth it?

Victor Leigh

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Generally speaking, there are two main types of vps - Xen and OpenVZ. Of course, there are also other types, but these two, from what I have noticed, are the most common. Of the two, OpenVZ is more common than Xen. Maybe that's because a Xen vps costs more. Myself, I prefer to use a Xen because I am the type who likes to know exactly what he is getting.


What about you? Do you think it's worth paying the extra money for a Xen vps? Or do you think an OpenVz vps is good enough?

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Xen and OpenVZ are two different ways of creating a vps.


One basic difference between the two is that Xen uses a swap file as swap ram whereas OpenVZ uses actual ram as burstable ram. So in the case of Xen, you are allocated a fixed space on the hard drive which you can use as and when you need it. Of course, swap ram is slow because it's actually sitting on the hard drive.


Burstable ram, which is used by OpenVZ, uses a common pool of ram shared by all the users on the same node. So when you are given, say, 1Gb of burstable ram, you don't actually get to use all that 1Gb. It depends on whether anyone else on the same node is using the burstable ram at the same time.


OpenVZ vps is generally cheaper than Xen vps because over-selling is common on OpenVZ. The amount of ram you are allocated is shared. On a Xen vps, the amount of ram you are allocated is dedicated only to your use.

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