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Hey there!


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Hey everybody,


So I saw (quite late) that their was a self-introduction forum, so I decided to write one =P


So here I am, in a few lines


I am from Québec, Canada (Which is the only place in North America that French is the official language, so pardon me in advance for my typposss =P)


I'm currently studying in Computer Science at "Cégep Limoilou"... (who cares right? XD)


So, I pretty much everything related to programming... (except Java, but let me get back on this later)

I joined my program at school because since I was 12, I was trying (at the time) to code modules and plugins for IPB 1.3 or SMF 1.X


I always loved web technologies and now more than ever =P! (Btw, I don't know if you saw it, but I currently have an addiction to put smiley at the end of my sentence, don't know why) 


My favourite programming languages :

1) Everything related to the web ... PHP, Html (XHtml, HTML 5), Css (Css 3 is out yeah!), javascript (Actually, I don't know much about javascript, but I written thousands lines of code in JQuery XD)


and I don't have a number 2, if it is not web related, I'm not interested (doesn't mean I can't code using it)

and especially java, Java... JAVA.... it is so slow! SLOW! the programming language, and the code structure of java is BEAUTIFUL, but it is so FRACKING (Yes I love Battlestar Galatica) slow!


So, that is me... if you ever need advice on anything related to programming, I can probably answer your question, and if it is web programming related, I know (probably? XD) I can answer your question =P 

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