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Credit System


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I haven't put up the new contest system yet as I'm implementing a credit system.


With the credits you will be able to turn them in for things such as:



-Links or advertising here on Digitize Design

-Name changes

-Title Changes

-1 hour of Nathan as your personal developer

-VIP for a month

-Domain Purchases

-IP.Board/vBulletin/Xenforo Licenses (will take A LOT of credits)

-Theme Purchases (Forums and Sites)


What other things can you think of?


Your points are counting currently, but I won't have the stuff up to purchase until the end of the week.

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Need some groundfloor information. Currently how many ways are there of earning virtual currency?


I suggest that we have a virtual currency trading section where members who need virtual currency in a hurry can offer to buy them from other members for cash. The exchange rate should be left to the market forces. If we have such a virtual currency trading section then those members who are active but haven't found anything they like to buy can still sell their virtual currency for cash. I also suggest making it only WTB so that it will be a sellers market by making the buyers put their offers. If we allow the sellers to put their offers, it will tend to drive down the price. What we want is to have enhanced value for the virtual currency. The more valuable the virtual currency becomes, the more motivated the members will be to earn the virtual currency.


btw what is the name of the virtual currency here? DD$ aka Digital Dirham?

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Thank you, KMRock, I can see it now. Strange, though, why it's put way out there. Would have been more logical to have it under the avatar. You know, like all pertinent details in one place. Maybe Nathan can modify the plugin to show the bank balance under the avatar.

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