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Pixel Art?


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Same here, it's my first time to know about this kind of art and I'm a bit curious about it.  Hope you can share your pixel art samples here too.  Looking forward to seeing it. :twitch:




Post edited: Just googled it a while ago (can't wait for the reply).  Saw a few examples and it reminded of my hobby a few years back - cross stitching. :D


Here's a pixel art sample >> http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/295/9/d/gyarados_pixel_art_grid_by_hama_girl-d4dlzlt.png

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Yea it's pretty fun to mess around with, I used to make money with an animation software that utilized your custom pixel artworks and turned them into fully fleshed out animations. I made a few little presentations for small businesses and made a little side cash.

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