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What are the ten things you hate about internet marketing


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I'm not sure I have 10 things I really hate, but one that REALLY stands out to me is when companies try to use internet memes to market their products, and have so little understanding of the memes that they end up not even making sense.


Piggybacking on things that were made popular by other people to try to sell your product is a little gutless IMO

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1.) Click Fraud - though this doesn't get talked about as much these days, it certainly still happens, and can blow your budget and tank your conversions. It's also rather cumbersome to catch it and report it.


2.) Working for bosses that know nothing about Internet Marketing but try to micromanage everything you are doing. I had a boss that didn't know squat about the ins and outs of Pay Per Click marketing, and was forcing me to do all sorts of things to my accounts that were causing them to perform poorly, then he would turn around and blame it all on me when they tanked.


3.) Merging and Reconciling Data From Multiple Sources - this can be a huge headache, when you are trying to match up in house reporting with reporting from the search engines. Often times the people running your in house reports have no concept of the metrics and business rules around third party services, and they will have measures that sound the same but are entirely different. For example, our internal reporting at one job tracked what it called "clicks", which were actually "visits" and in no way related to "clicks" in Google AdWords reporting.


4.) SEM/SEO tools that promise the world, but never deliver. Then you wind up in a war of words between the salespeople for these products and your boss, who is convinced everything they are saying is true, when they are often exaggerating their benefits just to close a sale and make a commission.


5.) Dealing with Display Networks such as running ads on Google AdSense. This is a constant game of whack a mole, as there are thousands of low quality sites you constantly have to be on the lookout for to block, otherwise they will waste your budget.

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What are the Ten things you hate about Internet Marketing?


I never really thought about it before until now. :sweat:  Anyway, here's my "ten things" - both as a marketer and as a consumer (3 to 10 are not in any particular order but the first two are definitely on top of my list.)...

  1. Spam emails
  2. Pop-up ads
  3. Data mining
  4. Marketing-hyped ads
  5. Click fraud
  6. Cloaked URL that redirects to an ad before going to the real destination.
  7. People who inquired multiple times and did not actually bought any of your products/services.
  8. Black-hat SEO
  9. Pop-up opt-ins asking you to subscribe or else you won't be able to access the content. and,
  10. Self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus. 


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