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Photo gallery?


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What have you used for an online photo gallery on a custom website? It's something that seems to come up for nearly every website we're asked to design and build, and we haven't found a great plug-in to use. Clients seem to want the ability to upload their own photos (why they wouldn't just use Facebook for this I don't know) but to date our clients have been very non-tech and uploading to an FTP server seems beyond them. So if you've implemented a photo gallery on a website you created, what did you use and was it easy to do and then make updates later?

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Facebook? That wouldn't be my first choice for a gallery on a clients web site.


I would suggest building the site off of Wordpress, which has it's own internal tool for uploading and managing photos and other media. From there, there's a plethora of free and paid plugins that will generate fully functioning galleries. I personally prefer to use one of the many gallery scripts for Wordpress available over at CodeCanyon.net. I just find the one that has the right look and feel for my site, and purchase it and include it in the cost of the web site.

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With so many jQuery plugins around, and given the fact that almost every site needs its own style of representing the galley, it would be difficult to suggest or recommend a single plugin. I have used a few on different sites - CopperMine, dfgalley, jQuery Cycle and Galleria.


Most of these can be made automatic by adding serverside codes to include files uploaded via some CMS and info stored in database

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Don't most CMS these days offer gallery plugins? Though the problem with most of them is that very few of them offer the ability to post photos from visitors. 


Personally, I've tried Coppermine myself, but I've been having problems integrating it seamlessly with WordPress. What I like about Coppermine though is that support is really active, and the staff behind it is still very active. Granted, the last update was April this year, but whenever I have problems, they're always a forum post away. Its users also have a lot of plugins and modifications that they do to the script that allows virtually almost anything done.

And yes, they do allow uploads from users/site visitors. They even allow a sort of moderation feature where you'll get to approve what your users upload first.  

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